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Meet Carson

Ernest Carson, known by those close to him as Carson, was made to serve the people of House District 68. After graduating high school, Carson enlisted in the US Army where he served for 3 years from 1965-1968. He then served in the Air National Guard for a year before attending Burlington County College in New Jersey where he graduated with Bachelors degrees in both Liberal Arts and Accounting. 

In March of 1974, Carson married his late wife and they gave birth to their first daughter, Ebony, shortly after. Once again, Carson heard the call to serve his community. This time it came in the form of serving as a teaching assistant and helping to run the Community Education Program at Oakview Elementary School. This program started as an after-school program and grew during Carson’s time there to include child care, field trips to plays and the zoo, and adult sports leagues. During this time, Carson also served as Union Vice President for the American Federation of Government Employees. 

After his time at Oakview Elementary, Carson began working for the New Jersey Department of Corrections at the Youth Correctional Institute Bordentown, later to be named Albert C. Wagner Correctional Facility. Carson served in this position for almost 30 years from 1974 until 2002. It was then that the Carson family moved to South Carolina where Carson spent a decade working in the Real Estate industry. It wasn’t long before Carson and his wife Saundra got involved serving their community in various ways. They both served in leadership positions within the Horry County Democratic Party and participated in the Guardian ad Litem program. This program worked to represent the best interests of children in the foster care system. Carson is also a proud member of Grand Strand Action Together, an organization dedicated to providing education, outreach, and advocacy opportunities to South Carolina’s coastal region.

Carson believes that the Constitution and government are of the people, by the people, for the people and it is the duty of all citizens to serve their communities. He is asking for your support, not because his name is on the ballot, but because every person of District 68 is on the ballot this November. Carson wants to hear what issues are most important to the people of this district so that he can take those grievances to Columbia and bring about true change for the area. He believes that everyone District 68 should have access to a fully funded public education system, high paying jobs, and affordable healthcare. Carson has lived a life full of service to his community, but his service hasn’t ended yet. There is no better way to explain why Carson is running for House District 68 than with the lyrics of one of his favorite songs by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes titled, Wake Up Everybody. 

“The world won't get no better if we just let it be, the world won't get no better, we gotta change it yeah, just you and me.” Join Carson in this campaign to wake up the people of District 68 and all of South Carolina!

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